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Sep 17, 2021

On this special RX’D Radio release, the podcast welcomes guest Dr. Pat Davidson. Pat is an NYC Strength and Conditioning coach, a former elite-level Strongman Competitor, and author of ‘A Coach’s Guide to Optimizing Movement.’ As one of the top educators and coaches in the industry, he has developed the Rethinking the Big Patterns Online course and certification program.


Shallow and Pat reflect on their overthinking tendencies, discussing their experiences with psychedelics and marijuana and how those drugs affect their thought processes. Pat gives us some insight into his past addiction issues and how he works through those addictive tendencies. They talk dumb exercise, what it takes to reach elite levels in sport and why we should be grateful for the growth spurred from our personal hardships. 


Don’t miss out on the upcoming “Applications of Systematic Exercise Prescription” Seminar in Miami, Fl, with Dr. Jordan Shallow and Dr. Pat Davidson.





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