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Jan 29, 2023

Mac and Thayer join forces to discuss the chaos of Mac’s last few weeks. His encounter and survival of the influencer plague, the Miami podcast marathon, a Washington D.C. trip, his mirror experience and a sporting event adventure. This episode is packed full of conversation, trainer insight into several areas of...

Jan 25, 2023

Blain McConnell returns to show today to discuss the evolution of athleticism and the career paths it created for him. From dance class to the Arena Football League to the USA’s Bobsled Bobsled National Team to CrossFit and where he is now. The episode provides insight into the mindset of being an athlete and the...

Jan 22, 2023

Jordan Jiunta joins the Sunday crew to drop a ton of knowledge about low back pain. They discuss how to identify types of pain, injury mechanisms, developing strategies to move forward and avoid repeated incidences. This episode has a lot of take away information and applicable strategies for low back pain.





Jan 18, 2023

This episode asks and tries to answer the important question of what makes an athlete. Listen up and find out the qualities the group identifies as athleticism and performance. There’s a bonus portion to the introduction of this episode in which the crew discuss what they learned from sports.



Jan 15, 2023

Mac and Thayer return for not another Q&A episode, but instead what they would deem a conversation around client success and intake processes. In the episode the guys also highlight aspects and considerations when building a hypertrophy program.



James Macintosh

James Thayer