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Mar 22, 2023

Jordan Jiunta and Eric Bugera discuss all things in relation to hypertrophy training on this episode. The conversation covers the utility of developing a base in isolation to integrate compound movements, creating neuromuscular awareness and goal organization in training to build muscle mass.


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Mar 19, 2023

Mac and Thayer reunite in this Sunday edition to talk about capitalizing on the progressive momentum created in a planned program. The guys discuss travel, training and finding a starting point for a GPP phase.

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Mar 15, 2023

This episode discusses what purposeful overreaching is, how to utilize it effectively and some considerations when implementing. Mac shares tips and insight on how to get the most out of a planned overreach and the programming impact it can have.

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Mar 12, 2023

The Sunday crew discusses the menace to society Mac’s youth “allegedly” was before setting their crosshairs on the overhead squat. This episode is part old man yells at clouds ranting and part education discussion on effective assessments and utilizing data to index exercise for programming.


James Macintosh

Mar 8, 2023

Shallow and Jiunta discuss the process to road mapping assessed information for strategies to elicit a stimulus of adaptation for continual progress. This episode provides core principles in application that Pre-Script Level 1 was founded upon. This is a can’t miss episode for new listeners and longtime listeners that...