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Sep 28, 2022

This week's episode is a star studded Pre-Script road dogs edition. The team headed up to western Canada for some in person seminars and were able to get in a few podcasts during their travels. Media wizard James Marshall joins us in his first official RX’D Radio episode and fan favourite Brandon Schultze returns to...

Sep 25, 2022

Returning for the Sunday edition of RX’D Radio is Mac and Thayer sharing gym stories and perspectives. They discuss stepping away from a  famine mentality in the industry and becoming a resource for others in fitness. How this can create opportunities to be an example for others to lead from the front.



Sep 21, 2022

RX’D Radio welcomes Jon Bond! This episode discusses Jon’s mixed martial arts background, what brought him into the weightroom and becoming a  gym owner. Shallow and Jon discuss trends in combat sports and the current state of S&C the sport. Jon provides a ton of insight on coaching, training and business in...

Sep 18, 2022

 This edition of RX’D Radio with Mac and Thayer we take a look at some interesting takes on training stimulation and how we can utilize these to better improve your training and if and where it could be beneficial. Grab some caffeine, come for the education stay for the laughs.    


James Macintosh

Sep 14, 2022

Back by popular demand the one, the only, Brodrick Chavez. In this episode Shallow and Brodrick discuss the effectiveness of training and what really matters to find success. This episode touches the borders on training nuance and education, history, politics in sports and drug usage in performance. Let’s be honest,...