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Apr 7, 2021

This week we sat down with good friends of RX’D Radio, Dr. Stefi Cohen and Mr. Hayden Bowe who together own Hybrid Performance Method in Miami, Florida. Both Hayden and Stefi are two of the world's top strength athletes, and they use their collective experience and knowledge to educate and revolutionize the strength community.

 Kicking off today’s podcast, the group discusses the manifestation of fear and how a person can adjust the mindset to better cope with and mitigate fears and anxieties. The discussion also dives into deep topics of gender equality and stereotypes in relationships and careers. Stefi speaks out on personal experiences of discrimination, and the crew discusses how evolution and natural selection have been impacted by the criteria society now uses for mate selection. We talk perspective, dancing monkeys and when violence IS the answer to a problem. Tune in!


Stefi and Hayden’s Media:





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