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Dec 9, 2020

Killian Hamilton joins Dr. Jordan Shallow on RX’D Radio this week, to provide more context around the fast-approaching release of the Pre-Script ™ Skill Acquisition Course. The duo gives us the18 month, behind-the-scenes conversation that led to the creation of this course. As Killian describes it, “the death and birth of 10,000 hours of thought,” culminated in the course design that is intended to foster confidence and conviction in the coaches who take it. This course is fundamental to the concept of training.


The boys analyze in detail the parameters they use to classify movement, asking the necessary, preliminary questions, “How complex is too complex? How simple is too simple?” Killian and Shallow return repeatedly to the Turkish Getup to exemplify why it is not the most relevant exercise to select for most athletes. They discuss critical thinking skills, and address the lack of those skills  in today’s world owing to the ease with which thought can be outsourced to The Internet. Both educators walk us through some specific examples of how they may progress or regress principles of stability through the shoulder, hip and core, as well as evaluate the benefits and differences between bilateral and unilateral exercises. Expect as always the usual, ranting banter between our two Canadian meatheads, and be sure to get on the list for the upcoming Pre-Script ™ Skill Acquisition Course with Killian!

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