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Dec 2, 2020

This week Dr. Jordan Shallow and Killian Hamilton welcome back Tony Montgomery Jr to the RX’D Radio podcast. One of the most impressive individuals you may ever meet, Tony is a US veteran and is a member of the Elite FTS crew. Tony has expertise  in competitive strength sports as well as nutrition coaching, and he owns multiple businesses including Team Phoenix Performance Coaching, Strength Union Gym, and Subject Zero Supplements.


    This week Tony, Shallow and Killian dive into nutrition as the main topic, exploring the science behind fat breakdown and the reality behind what it really takes to achieve your body composition goals. Tony gives us a seminar on insulin sensitivity - what it is, what may cause it and the effects that it has on the body. The crew also touches on how this may be different between genders, and the overwhelming effect that stress management has on fat loss. Tony iterates that better education is the real answer to adherence to a plan and the success of that plan, and reflects on the restrictive mentalities that fad diet crazes create. On this topic, Shallow and Killian recap their experience with intense weight cuts and how having more dietary freedom can create a better environment for compliance. Today we receive a very holistic approach to nutrition based on education, one that includes meeting clients where they are at to ensure their highest level of success.

Tony’s Media:

IG: @tonymontgomeryjr





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