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Nov 11, 2020

Pre-Script team Canada coaches reunite this week as Dr. Jordan Shallow is accompanied by Killian Hamilton. Today’s conversation is inspired by clients and colleagues sharing Instagram videos in the DM’s with no other context but - “Thoughts?”. Killian and Shallow unite in frustration over these engagements laying the groundwork for this discussion on the relevancy, value and efficiency of one’s time.


The duo reflect on how much time is wasted surfing social media, where most will absorb the irrelevant information provided by others instead of forming unique opinions of their own. Killian and Shallow walk us through some of their structured, goal-oriented approaches to making money and discuss the vital roles of calibration and aim in successful business practice. Contrasting the lifestyles of the solo flying coach to the 9-5 puncher, Killian and Shallow highlight how following on the heels of others is a limiter and good scapegoat from taking responsibility for your own success. We touch on the risks associated (or not) with trying something new, the indifference of time, and the two motivators for everything we do in life -- wealth and status. Tune in for another dose of perspective from Pre-Script’s Canadian Meatheads.

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