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Oct 7, 2020

This week, the doc welcomes nutritional mastermind Phil Smith to the RX’D Radio. Phil is a sports nutrition coach and owner of SportsPlus Performance, who works with everyone -- elite athletes and weekend warriors alike -- to help them optimize their performance and reach their goals.


Shallow and Phil take a deep dive today into the biggest questions surrounding training and performance nutrition. Phil answers questions on some of the most controversial topics such as supplementation, protein intake and timing, the keto diet, hydration and much more. He talks us through some of his tactics for meal timing, fueling and recovery for high-level athletes and how these protocols may be unique for each sport application. They talk about carbohydrate sources, like Phil’s go-tos: sushi rice and bagels; they discuss both the methodology behind intense weight cuts made by fighters and strength athletes as well as  rehydration and refeed protocols both before and during competition. In conclusion, nutritional coaching protocols play a vital role to ensure that athletes show up on game day with the ability to express their full potential. Tune in for all the tips from one of the best in the business!


Phil’s Media:

IG: @sportplus_performance 

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