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Jun 10, 2020

This week on RX’D Radio, Jordan Shallow is joined by the unconventional and impressive Nick Gloff. Nick is only 22, but his short trajectory through life has been anything but uneventful. 

In this episode, we get to know Nick: through a pivotal moment at age 12; through his  journey out of obesity and into football; as a really strong bodybuilder. Each of these events has provided him a source of motivation, and training has been the greatest vehicle to teach him how to strive for excellence. The duo dive into their approach to programming and the importance of always challenging your own knowledge. Strong topics covered in this episode include comprehension of “first principles intent-based programming”, proving concepts from experience rather than preaching general knowledge, and the great frustration behind the all-encompassing smoke-bomb platitude, “it depends”. Tune in for a wild ride!


Nick’s Media:

Instagram: @nickgloff

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