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Mar 25, 2020

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Gun possession laws, checking per unit prices of eggs, and sham fitness programs. Sometimes people do dumb things, or they get away with a lot. This is what we see happening all the time. The world revolves around money, and your perception of your value may be different from the world.

In this episode, Killian Hamilton is back with us to talk about charging more for the service you provide. Killian discusses the many who offer mediocre coaching and ask for a lot of money. If you know your worth and truly want to help people, charging more allows you to devote more time to your client. You get to make a living and still give value.

This episode gives us an interesting take on money, providing value, and helping others. If you want to level up your training programming, don't forget to subscribe and tune in to RX'D Radio for the detailed discussion!

About Our Guest

Killian Hamilton is the head coach of Pre-Script in Canada. He is a competitive powerlifter and strength coach. Having competed and coached athletes at the National and World level, he believes that at its core, strength is a skill, and acquiring that skill is paramount in the pursuit of performance.

Connect with Killian Hamilton:

What We Discussed In This Episode

  • Gun Possession, Restrictions, and Violence
  • Dumb Fitness Inventions 
  • The Intention of Making Money Superseding the Benefit of Helping People
  • Giving Your All Versus Selling A Template 
  • Perception Towards People with Money
  • Thriftiness, Checking Per Unit Prices and Buying Cheap Eggs
  • Placing an Accurate Value on Services
  • Challenging the Status Quo
  • Providing More Value, Charging More and Helping Others
  • Significance of Small, Social Interactions
  • Self-Awareness and Being a Better Human

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