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Feb 26, 2020

In this new episode of RX'D Radio, Shallow takes a backseat, and Jiunta is back on the show to help you attain your fitness goals. He’s here to answer some of your questions and concerns, focusing on the prevention of injury, weightlifting and, of course, steak.

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Q and A with Dr. Jordan Jiunta

  • Is it common to experience pain in the lower back when deadlifting?
  • When are you going to do a lifting clinic for barbell movements?
  • What is your favorite accessory movement to get explosive hip contact?
  • When teaching someone to snatch, do you start with hangs or pulls first?
  • What is the best exercise to fix a weak left glute and right lat sling, post the oblique sling?
  • Is there a way to combine Olympic lifts and power lifts into a program, and make decent progress?
  • Tips for "jumping" under the bar?
  • Do you prefer free-range, dry age, or wagyu style rib-eyes?
  • When bracing for the jerk, do you Valsalva against the belt, or cue pulling in the belly?
  • With sore inner thighs after Sumo deadlifts, how would you identify the issue and work to fix it?
  • Do you see value in isometric holds in the snatch position overhead for non-Olympic lifters?
  • What are the best exercise drills for a more upright torso in the squat?
  • Persisting quad tendon pain after quitting training for six months
  • How do you prevent rubbing hands on the grip during total bar attempts?
  • And many more.

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