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Oct 1, 2019

This episode of RX'D RADIO is brought to you by, Pre-script offers the most comprehensive exercise programming available. Each workout has specific, video-guided warm-ups delivered through an easy to use app. To improve mobility, stability and strength head over to .

We could not be more grateful to have this weeks guest, Joe Defranco on RX'D RADIO this week. Joe is a figurehead when it comes to strength and conditioning education. One of the first and longest-lasting strength educators in the business. Joe has made it his living to continually push the envelope while staying a forever student with his white-belt mentality. Such an unbelievable wealth of knowledge and a source of inspiration in the industry. Joe made it his way and on his terms. Following his character to build his brand around what best represented himself and his passion. 

Follow Joe on Instagram @defrancosgym
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