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Jun 2, 2021

RX’D Radio welcomes co-founder of Mind Pump Media, Sal Di Stefano to the show this week, to sit down with Dr. Jordan Shallow and Killian Hamilton. One of the kings of the podcasting world, Sal is also a personal trainer and the author of his recently released book, The Resistance Training Revolution.


In today’s discussion, Sal describes the skill of communication as the number one success driver for any personal trainer. He explains how his approaches changed as he gained experience in his career as a trainer, and shares details on how Mind Pump as a podcasting platform was developed. Sal shares his goals within the fitness industry and how these have shaped his career and led to the publishing of his recent book. He compares and contrasts cardiovascular training versus resistance training, gives us insight into some of the details of and the motivations behind The Resistance Training Revolution.


Sal’s Media:

Mind Pump:

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IG: @mindpumpsal

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