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Feb 3, 2021

Today, Jordan Shallow welcomes Matt Seaman to the podcast for an old school riff on human anatomy, structure versus function, and the application of these concepts as a coach. Matt Seaman is an exercise specialist, performance coach and nutritionist with experience and certifications behind his name. Based out of the UK, Matt also provides online education on exercise, movement and nutrition through his company, My Fitness Platform, and hosts the Teaching the What, the Why & the How Podcast.


The conversation opens with a brief introduction of Matt: his systems for vetting information and synthesizing information, and how he applies his knowledge to his clientele’s needs. As the conversation moves into human anatomy, the two focus on the structural and functional aspects of the ribcage and pelvis. Matt and Jordan discuss in detail the mechanics of breathing and how certain training modalities can lead to physical alterations in the shape and function of the rib cage. We receive clarification around the “pump and bucket handle” movements associated with the rib cage during breathing cycles, and the common dysfunctions associated with the pelvic floor. The two also cover proper function of the shoulder and hip throughout gait cycle, highlighting how muscle actions change depending on the anatomical position or the movement being executed. Blowing up the “single solutions” approach, the team highlights the importance of context and applying the right tools to the right situation.


Matt’s Media:

IG: @mattseamanpt

IG: @myfitnessplatform


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