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Jan 27, 2021

This week, Dr. Jordan Shallow welcomes Kyle Dobbs to RX’D Radio. Kyle is the founder of Compound Performance, out of NYC. A family man first, Kyle is also a leading strength coach and educator in the industry. He works with clients at all levels of training, and with coaches from all over the world.

The men discuss Kyle’s business and online services -- primarily the limitations of and appropriate applications for online training. Kyle is currently the rehabilitation coach for the infamous (and RX’D Radio-famous guest), Phil Daru, and he discusses his work with Phil and provides some tidbits from their work that may be appropriate for general training. The conversation turns to technical evaluations of the ribcage and pelvis in both static and dynamic positions, and Kyle and Shallow discuss how training strategies should differ between clientele based on training age and sporting requirements. The two highlight the dangers of mobility without stability, and how the neurological and biomechanical systems function in stretching and stability exercises. You won't want to miss the brain gains in this episode, but you will likely want $1 for every time Shallow says, “squatty squats.”


Kyle’s Media:

Instagram: @compoundperformance_


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