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Oct 14, 2020

We return this week with the Canadian portion of the Pre-Script family, Killian Hamilton and Dr. Jordan Shallow, to discuss Killian’s realm of expertise in athlete skill acquisition  and Strength & Conditioning coaching.


 Killian and Shallow unite in frustration about S&C coaches who attempt to match shapes in the weight room to those seen on the field of play, as well as why this method born of a lack of knowledge and understanding of how to properly apply this training to sport. Killian discusses his training methods as well as his upcoming Skill Acquisition course. We dive deep into why the applications of training strength for sport versus training strength for strength are so very different. Killian does a great job walking us through the “whys and hows” of using the weight room to increase the physiological and neurological “bank accounts” of his athletes to afford them more runway for better performance on game day.


Expect the usual rants, and be sure to check out K2 Coaching for more information on Killian and his services!


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