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Sep 30, 2020

This week we welcome James Macintosh to the podcast. In this episode, James brings us a serious megadose of perspective. As the first person on RX’D Radio to have ever been shot, James humbly describes to us of the roller coaster of events that has been his life, and shows us what it means to literally run into the face of danger.


James is a strength coach, powerlifting athlete, and former paramedic and firearms trafficker, from South Africa. James discusses what drove his career choice as a medical professional, and recounts a heart-wrenching, life-altering tale from his first 2 weeks on the job as a paramedic. We get a riveting account of his very young life as an armed paramedic tracking down rhino poachers in South Africa where he was shot point blank in the chest. After a labral tear injury, James decided to shift careers and became involved in the import and exportation of firearms, though this position and its lack of positive impact on society left him unfulfilled and conflicted. After a second surgical procedure on his labrum, James redirected his focus back to the realm of strength coaching to create positive change in the lives of his clients. TUNE IN FOR A RIDE as the guys discuss the true value of shared experience and community, explore the wild experiences of James’s young life, and reaffirm the perspective that “it can always be worse.”


James’ Media:

IG: @coachjamesmac



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