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Sep 16, 2020

The RX’D Radio Docs are in the office! Jiunta and Shallow return for some trademark banter on the current state of affairs in North America. From COVID haircuts to politics and conspiracy theories, buckle in for some unfiltered and entertaining reflection on the wild and crazy year that is 2020.

    After warming us up with a very uncomfortable trip to the barbershop, Shallow meanders into his recent interest in modern conspiracy theories. Including references to Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Sterling and systemic racism, outlandish theories behind the lineage of the Canadian Prime Minister and Trump as a secret super hero -- this episode goes everywhere you might not expect! Jiunta shares his personal experience living in California during this challenging time for the state, and the duo dive into the impact of COVID 19 on California in particular as well as how the upcoming election may impact the state of the virus in the broader United States. Shallow and Jiunta reflect on conspiracy theories as the “opiate of the masses,” a kind of modern-day religion that fulfills the human need to believe in something greater. The boys also observe politics as “America’s favourite sport,” eloquently describing it using the Who’s Line Is It Anyway tagline - “Where the rules are made up and the points don’t matter.” Join in for the ride!

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