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Aug 26, 2019

This episode of RX'D RADIO is brought to you by, Pre-script offers the most comprehensive exercise programming available. Each workout has specific, video-guided warm-ups delivered through an easy to use app. To improve mobility, stability and strength head over to .

In this episode RX’D Radio Jordan sits down with Luke Tulloch, Luke is quickly becoming an industry figurehead when it comes to the synthesis and dissemination of complex health and fitness subject matter. His passion and dedication his craft, centered around results-based coaching and educating allows Luke to bring very complex topics right to the level of the application at the end-user. 

His unwavering poise and unmatched intellect allow him to operate with a level of integrity not often seen in the fitness industry.  His physiology courses, lectures, and his recently launched membership site are raising the industry standard for education. 

If you are looking to upskill as a PT, or clinician we cant recomened Luke enough. 

Click HERE to check out Luke's Membership site. 

Be sure to check out Luke @_Luketulloch

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