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Jun 17, 2020

    This week, RX’D Radio brings you a particularly compelling episode, with Dr. Jordan Shallow and guest, Derek Woodske. A top-ranking Canadian Track & Field athlete, Derek is a seasoned strength coach and educator who has trained athletes in the NCAA, NFL, and on multiple University Track and Field teams. Originally from a nowhere town in British Columbia, Canada, Derek has lived and worked internationally, and he now runs his own consulting business out of Mammoth Lakes, California.


    Shallow and Woodske discuss their experiences growing up in small Canadian towns and contrast social systems and governance between Canada and the US. Derek leads an adventurous life, and these adventures have provided him an interesting and expansive perspective on the state of the world. He recounts travelling to Saudi Arabia to be a coach and trainer to Princess Sara, and working in Riyadh through ISIS. He subsequently suffered PTSD from those experiences, and he talks about the myriad, complex ramifications and manifestations of trauma. In this episode, the two dig into: the concept of social media as a differentiating factor in understanding current versus historical events, the higher value of spreading good to those you encounter in your day-to-day life, and... Zac Brown. Derek is a force of positive energy in the world, and his appreciation of life’s nuanced details make this episode one you do not want to miss!


Derek’s Media:

IG: @derekwoodske

Daily Destroyer with Matt Vincent



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