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Apr 15, 2020

When you do what you love, you just keep on going no matter what. For some, lifting can be a passion. There is meaning from the barbells, the movement, and the routine. But what happens when you combine passion with helping others? That is the moment you find purpose.


In this special episode of RX’D Radio, the tables are turned as Shallow gets interviewed by the Titan, Mike O’Hearn. Shallow’s been on the road teaching applied biomechanics, injury risk management, and sports performance. Today, he gives recommendations for those starting out in bodybuilding including the importance of shifting your mindset. He also talks about his motivation, finding meaning, and helping others by providing value.


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About Our Guest

Mike O'Hearn is an American actor, personal trainer and model. He appeared as the gladiator "Titan" in the revival of American Gladiators.

Connect with Mike O’Hearn:

What We Discussed In This Episode

  • Being a Continuous Learner
  • Approaching People Who Follow Research As Doctrine
  • Compound Movements and Secondary Exercises
  • Recommendations for a Beginner Bodybuilder
  • Stress, Exercise, and the Shift in Mindset
  • Being Able to Work Leash Off
  • Moving Forward From Injury
  • Shallow’s Motivation for Lifting
  • True Passion Vs. Chasing Money or Fame
  • Impact Vs. Influence
  • The Truth About Steak and Carbohydrates

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