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Dec 16, 2020

This week the head honchos are back with exciting news regarding the release of Pre-Script™’s latest Introduction to Weightlifting Course, releasing TODAY at


Since they were last together, Shallow went to a gun store to play with firearms and explosives, and Jiunta asked his gal Fran to marry him. Spoiler Alert: SHE SAID YES. And also, Jiunta wrote a new course! In this episode, he dives deep into the brains behind the design of the Introduction to Weightlifting Course, and expresses the intention in creating it: to teach proficiency in weightlifting to athletes and coaches alike, and to benefit practitioners who may treat these clientele in clinical practice. Shallow and Jiunta share how the automated content in this new course is built for the convenience of the user. Supported by the Live Lab sections, students in the course have the entire coaching team at Pre-Script™ at their disposal to address weekly Q&As as well as the ability to connect with and challenge the best coaches in the S&C community. Continuing to live by our core principles, this course is built to improve your confidence as a coach, athlete or practitioner by teaching you to ask better questions. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to join our team, head over to to register!


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