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Jan 12, 2018

Michael Cazayoux CEO of Brute Strength and CrossFit Games Athlete takes us through his amazing transformation: From his first drink at 9 years old, through the perils of drug addiction and the decision that ultimately led him to getting clean.

An episode with some powerful turns and more powerful messages Michael shares some great habits that he has formed in order to stay productive and perpetuate his success as the CEO of Brute Strength.

We talk a little strength and conditioning as well as mindfulness, meditation and the pillars of BRUTE strength.

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Brute Body is made for people that want to transform their bodies and learn the tools they need to keep it transformed.  We've coached NFL players, MLB players, CF Games athletes, moms, dads, coaches, students, and everything in between. This program combines the best strength and power progressions as well as muscle building exercises that we use for the best of the best.  

It's a year long program broken up into 4 - 3 month phases each with slightly different intents.  The program comes with 4 different nutrition options - 3 carb cycling programs and 1 flexible dieting program.  It comes with coaching, a community and a shitload of awesome educational resources on mindset, nutrition, training, and recovery.