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Jul 28, 2021

Dr. Jordan Shallow and Killian Hamilton welcome Westley Dimagiba to the show this week to discuss a topic new to RX’D Radio - men’s fashion. Wesley is the Editorial Director and Head of Client Experience at Articles of Style, as well as Jordan’s personal fashion consultant.


Westley breaks down how he developed an interest in fashion as his avenue to bolster self-confidence and to “get girls.” He discusses how he got into the consulting business, reveals the names of actors and musicians from which he pulls his inspiration, and gives us his list of top 5 worst dressed athletes of all time. Shallow reflects on how taking an interest in his wardrobe has changed his life for the better, and the group loops back to the bigger question of -  how much does it actually matter?

Westley’s Media:

Linked In

IG: @articlesofstyle

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