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Apr 28, 2021

Today RX’D Radio welcomes returning guest and old friend, Jordan Moffitt. Jordan is the owner of Bacon and Barbells Co, an athletic apparel company that he founded as a creative outlet and way to support the Powerlifting community he loves.


Shallow, Killian and Moffitt chat round table-style today, starting with the founding of Bacon and Barbells Co as well as Moffitt’s transition into skateboarding over the last year. The crew discusses what it really means to be “100% in” on One Thing versus e=Everything, and whether this approach can be sustainable or not in the long term. Each of them discuss their different passions, outlets for creativity, and views on where work and fitness have fit into their lives. They debate etiquettes of social media, question its positive and negative impacts, and reflect on its worth in their business versus personal lives.


Moffit’s Media:




Killian’s Media:




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