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Mar 3, 2021

Today Dr. Jordan Shallow welcomes Dr. Ian Kaplan to RX’D Radio. As a coach and COO of Hybrid Performance Method, Ian is a former chiropractor who transitioned into software design and is now “the engine” and the mastermind behind the consumer interface of Hybrid Performance.


Today we get deep into the weeds of how Ian transitioned from the role of chiropractor  into software design, and then we go on to explore the “behind the scenes” of social media and internet privacy. Ian gives us insight into how targeted ads are generated, and he explains a few details about some of the biggest deals made between some of the largest companies in the Silicon Valley. We talk machine learning, software hackers, and Ian shares some of his personal opinions on information sharing and the ethics of the internet.

Ian’s Media:

IG: @kaplanfitness.hybrid


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