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Jan 6, 2021

Today the head honchos of Pre-Script start the New Year off in OG RX'D Radio style.  Dr. Jordan Shallow and Dr. Jordan Jiunta unite in frustration over social media, and discuss how online platforms have capitalized on COVID in such a way that has resulted in users further detaching from real, personal interactions. 


The Jordans review how the compulsive use of platforms such as Instagram may disorder our mental health, as how online personas do not reflect the real life individual, we project our ideals onto these personas and we reify the false online identities that they have created. The boys walk us through how they rank order lines of communication to most effectively interact with those closest to them, how they schedule their days and the tools they use to keep them productive and away from online distractions. Shallow highlights how social media has created a world of “unearned wisdom” when people confuse online “experience” with real life hardships. We are reminded that in the bigger picture it’s the little things that matter, and the small steps that we take to connect and provide service to those around us that make the greatest impact: making conversation with your local butcher may pay off in a free cut of steak. Today’s takeaways: schedule your time, take action, and be of service to others.

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