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Dec 30, 2020

RX’D Radio welcomes Muscle Coach Mike Barnes to the stand! Mike is a national-level bodybuilder and strength coach based out of the Toronto area, and he hosts the podcast, Buried Under the Bar. Today we take a deep dive into what it really takes to be a competitive bodybuilder.

Shallow and Mike begin the discussion reflecting on the bodybuilding industry today and the perception of being a bodybuilder versus the action required to become one. They discuss the “smarts” of bodybuilding training techniques and the willpower required for a competitor to make center stage. The team analyzes hypertrophy training and the gray area that still surrounds the methodology. They address “grip and rip,” versus “smart” techniques, how each may produce different results on stage, and how to unite these concepts. Mike spills the tea on the most intense weeks of his competition prep and talks about the serious mental fortitude necessary to push past the psychological limits predetermined by millions of years of human evolution. The conversation travels through the history of bodybuilding and the best names to grace the stage, and addresses how “success” in the bodybuilding world has been redefined by the emergence of social media. Shallow and Mike present bodybuilding as a process rather than an outcome, and Mike tells us his secret motivations that help him to keep pushing. 


Mike’s Media:

IG: @musclecoach.mike

Youtube/Podcast: The Muscle Coach



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