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Dec 23, 2020

This week on RX’D Radio, Dr. Shallow and our guest host, Pre-Script™ Head Coach in Canada, Killian Hamilton welcomes Coach James Thayer to the podcast. James is an experienced Ace Fitness and Pre-Script™ L1 Coach. He owns Byproduct Performance and currently runs Campus Recreation at Washburn University.


Killian and James talk about all things strength training as related to sport. On the table for discussion is a feast of coaching and programming concepts: emphasizing the importance of proper exercise selection to bridge the gap between strength and stability in an athlete’s training; what it means to train skill versus adaptation; breadth of knowledge and skilled application of exercise; the importance of having an open mind accompanied by the ability to be critical when analyzing exercise methodology. Shallow makes a highlight of the concept of inoculation - often overlooked as an important concept to help break athletes out of their own mental limitations. The importance of breadth of perspective, critical thinking, and gathering experience before approaching a goal is highlighted throughout the episode -- in Killian’s terms, “start with a full page and erase down from there”. We finish off with a surprise turn to The 5 Love Languages, touching on the importance of communication and understanding of one’s self in order to better understand those around you. 


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IG: @thayer2513




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