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Oct 28, 2020

Today on RX’d Radio we are joined in round table fashion by Killian Hamilton, Kyle Rogers, Ryan Orr and Joe Grinstain. Thought leaders in Strength and Conditioning, Kyle, Ryan and Joe are experienced coaches for top-level professional and collegiate baseball athletes. Today they share with us their stories, advice, and perspectives on coaching techniques for your clientele.


The group discusses the major differences between working in private versus professional sectors, and how diverse internships helped them each to better understand where they were best suited to practice in the world of S&C coaching. The crew reflects on how effective strength coaches understand how their role is positioned to impact how the game is played by entraining strength into sport-specific skills. The discussion concludes with how to foster a secure coach and client relationship that accommodates a client’s input to address individual training needs such that a coach can effectively assist the client to accomplish individual training goals.


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