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Oct 20, 2020

Pre-Script Captains Shallow & Jiunta return today to talk coaching fundamentals, and provide their best advice for those interested in strength coaching. 


We begin with a very personal journey from Dr. Jiunta, describing how wrestling and bodybuilding led to his current and forever passion: olympic weightlifting. We are reminded that the first step doesn't have to be the right one, but it is always the necessary one to get started -- chasing your passion is not an easy task! Shallow discusses the biggest growth he sees in the Pre-Script Level 1 coaches, throughout the program, and describes how the course came into development. The Docs unravel how the PSL1 course drives home some of the most valuable skills they have found to build successful coaches, touching on topics such as in-person and online communication, confidence, critical thinking and the application of biomechanical concepts. 


Join in for a sneak peak at a new Pre-Script course to be released by our very own Dr. Jordan Jiunta, designed to bring high quality coaching principles in olympic weightlifting to the masses! 


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