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Aug 26, 2020

Today on RX’D Radio, Jordan Shallow and Killian Hamilton welcome Blaine McConnell to talk about the Olympic sport of Bobsledding. Blaine is a member of the USA National Bobsled team, a former Crossfit games athlete, and a family man currently residing in Iceland. He became a highly competitive athlete in an astoundingly short period of time, and is nothing less than the world’s strongest bobsledder!


Starting his career in football, Blaine picked up Crossfit to learn Olympic weightlifting and made his way to the Crossfit games with just 2 years of training. Blaine walks us through this journey in today’s conversation. After encouragement from friends to try out for the combine, Blaine’s impressive work ethic and freakish genetics landed him on the USA National Bobsled team in 2019, in his first year of training. Killian shares his own tale of the sled, and the two compare stories of their entries into the sport, the dangers of the sport, and the fears associated with those dangers. We get insight into what Blaine’s training regiment looks like, how strength training has contributed to his bobsled career, as well as his recovery protocols after a day of getting bashed around on the track. Tune in for riveting recounts of bobsled crashes, Killian’s unprepared first run, and Blaine’s Olympic goals and reality for the near future.


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