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Aug 19, 2020

The boys are back! Our regularly scheduled hosts are reunited this week to talk about awareness, and moreover the utter lack of it within today’s society. Shallow recounts multiple stories of his upbringing through rough neighbourhoods in Windsor, ON, and how those experiences helped to shape and elevate his awareness in everyday life. The Jordans discuss the role that evolution has played in today’s world -- particularly in places like the California Bay Area -- where life is safe, easy, and where The Top-of-the-Food-Chain is awarded by the merits of one’s bank account as opposed to one’s physical aptitude. Jiunta shares his opinions on the role that technology has played in our modern-day state of complacency, as well as how growing up in cold climates fosters necessary mental fortitude. The boys break down the concept of pain as an emotion, a drive state and perception, and chat about how the ability to “embrace the suck” has been lost on a softened society that collectively runs from life’s challenges.


Tune in for a dose of perspective, a reminder that character is best developed in the face of adversity, and as always, blunt and amusing analyses of the world as we know it. 



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