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Jul 22, 2020

This week, Jordan Shallow welcomes his partner in crime to RX’D Radio! Kayla Lee is a Physiotherapist, Exercise and Sport Scientist, and a coach. She uses her breadth of experience to provide an evidence-based approach to training and education for fitness, nutrition and rehabilitation. 


Today the team discusses the topic of coaching and training female clientele. Kayla takes the floor to discuss the various physiological stages that the female body progresses through over time, the astounding lack of education and awareness around those processes, and how it all applies to training. She touches on the female menstrual cycle and how it can be used as an asset rather than a frustrating barrier to success in training. They take on the subject of male coaches and educators in the industry who blatantly lack understanding of female physiology but who choose to express their opinions about it anyway. Kayla reviews the development of her latest 8 week online course that unites her breadth of research and personal experience to provide an applied education on women’s physiology and training. As a highlight, we receive insight into what Kayla identifies as the most important tool in any coach’s toolbox when working with female clientele - empathy - and the power it can have to foster the trainer-client relationship.


Kayla’s Media:


8 Week Applied Women's Physiology & Training Course

IG: @kaylaleephysio


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