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Jul 1, 2020

John Sheridan joins Jordan Shallow this week on RX’D Radio to discuss his experience in powerlifting and the development of his career as a strength coach and small business owner. John is the owner, head coach and “Bearded Overlord” of Burley Strength gym in Canberra, Australia, and the creator of Peak Speak Podcast.


The conversation begins with a recalling of catastrophic injuries witnessed at high-level powerlifting meets, a discussion about John’s extensive coffee knowledge, and his appreciation of quality products from small purveyors. John walks us through the moment that diverted his path from athlete to strength coach and explains the “No Dickheads” policy that is the foundation of the community at Burley Strength gym. Jordan and John align in their fundamental belief that fear is a precursor to growth -- that it is necessary to challenge both mind and body to live life to the fullest. John reflects on how Covid-19 has affected Burley Strength, Jordan recalls his 1 am encounter with a cockroach, and both discuss how they themselves are “flying by the seat of their pants,” perhaps much like the rest of us living on this planet right now. Turn it up!


John’s Media:

Podcast: Peak Speak Podcast

Burley Strength IG: @burleystrength


Personal IG: @justsherro



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