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Apr 29, 2020

This week, Rx’D and Jordan Jiunta welcome Jon North onto the podcast. Jon is an active, high-level competitor and coach in Olympic Weightlifting. He has represented Team USA four times and coached over a thousand other athletes on the platform, as well. Jon conducts seminars and certifications world-wide under his business, Attitude Nation, and he hosts the podcast Red Circle Radio. Jon is a published author and man of God


Today, Jon walks us through his journey into competitive weightlifting from his early days as a football player, discusses the challenges along the road and how he has developed into the passionate business owner and athlete he is today. We dive deep into his history of training -- at Sacramento State, on Team Hassle Free Barbell, and at Cal Strength -- under eponymous coaches such as Glenn Pendlay and Donny Shankle. Jon's cardiac arrest at the Portland Zoo in which he was declared dead for 16 minutes changed his life for the better, and made him the family man of God he is today.Tune into Episode 163 for a closer look into the real Jon North, off the platform.


Jon’s Media:


Instagram: @attitudenation

Podcast: Red Circle Radio

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