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Apr 9, 2020

Being an entrepreneur involves doing a lot of work. This is something young people nowadays don’t understand. They think they’ll make a lot of money right off the bat after graduating college. To succeed and find fulfillment, you need to have the right mindset.

In today’s episode of RX’D Radio, former CrossFit rebel Ryan, joins Shallow as he talks about his transition from crazy CrossFit athlete to entrepreneur. Ryan tells us the struggles he faced, the business he does, and what it means to be a true entrepreneur.

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About Our Guest

Ryan Fischer is a gym owner, eBook author, and former pro athlete. Ryan was controversial in the CrossFit world where he was seen as a maniac hurling verbal abuse. After leaving CrossFit, he became involved in many aspects of being an entrepreneur including creating training programs, nutrition programs, and writing books.

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What We Discussed In This Episode

  • The Transition from Crossfit to Entrepreneur
  • Being Successful Without Being the Best
  • Relatability and Disadvantage As a Big Advantage
  • The Struggles Ryan Faced
  • Mixing Bodybuilding With Aggressive Conditioning
  • Selling His eBook and Starting a Podcast
  • Dealing With Inefficiencies When Scaling Up
  • The Amount of Work Needed to Succeed
  • Fulfillment As Success
  • What Is A True Entrepreneur

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