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Apr 1, 2020

Women are built differently than men. Following a training program that gets the best results for a man may not work all that well for a woman. There may be adjustments needed on volume, intensity, position, etc. But these slight adjustments can lead to better performance.

In today’s episode of RX’D Radio, Shallow and Jiunta are joined by Kayla as they talk about alterations in training based on gender differences. They share their own experiences and knowledge on the changes needed. The predisposition of a person, muscle fiber type, hormones, morphology, and receptivity are some things they discuss as they go over how each affects the movement and performance of a person. 

This episode offers valuable insights on the changes in programming that need to be made to enable women to perform better. If you want to level up your exercise programming, don't forget to subscribe and tune in to RX'D Radio!

About Our Guest

Kayla Mulvogue is a physiotherapist, coach, and personal trainer. She’s played sports her whole life and has been a coach and personal trainer for eight years. Kayla aims to educate and empower women to live a happier and healthier life by addressing training, nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle.

Connect with Kayla Mulvogue:

What We Discussed In This Episode

  • Determining the Training Volume
  • Training Differences Between Genders
  • Effects of Estrogen or Testosterone to Upper or Lower Body Dominance
  • Sports Specificity Based on Markers People Express 
  • Standards and Movement Based on Morphology and Predisposition
  • Training Morale and Queuing
  • Mood and Changes In Performance
  • Vetting a Training Coach
  • Setting the Mindset and Culture For Your Clients
  • Biggest Differences Between Genders When Training Patients

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