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Mar 19, 2020

We’re seeing hyper specificity in sports training when people should be building up resiliency and strength. Doing the sport already trains you to do that sport. Engaging in hyper specificity could lead to greater imbalance and more injuries.

In this episode of RX’D Radio, our special guest, Dr. Clementina Russo, talks about the importance of intention in program design. Intention plays a big role when it comes to training. Where we want to be, influences the choices we will make.

Dr. Clementina shares where her choices have led her and discusses with the guys the problem that happens when people who don’t have the knowledge and experience go around telling people what to do.

It’s about time we think more deeply why we’re lifting weights and doing squats. Is your program helping you to reach your goal? What is your end goal? If you want to level up your exercise programming, don't forget to subscribe and tune in to RX'D Radio!

About Our Guest

Dr. Clementina Russo is the Chief Operations Officer (COO) at Pre-Script. She is a PhD physicist and a general problem solver. Clementina is a competitive Master’s Olympic Weightlifter, and the Operations Wizard behind the Pre-Script curtain.

Connect with Dr. Clementina Russo through her Instagram account.

What We Discussed In This Episode

  • Hyper specificity in strength and conditioning for sports
  • What off-season training should be
  • Intention in program design
  • Focusing on the training system versus skill development
  • Designing for stability and symmetry
  • The end goal of program design
  • The advantage of having the right genes and the cerebral approach to programming
  • The desire for continuous learning
  • The importance of getting the experience 
  • Life trajectories and the matter of choice
  • The difference between skill or habits and intention
  • The problem with giving direction without knowing the way

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