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Mar 4, 2020

Social media has made it easy for anyone to claim that they’re strength coaches or business owners or whatever title they can think of that they are not qualified for. While some people spend years of study and practice before they would even promote themselves like that, more and more people are spreading wrong information online that could potentially lead to injury.

In today’s episode of RX’D Radio, Shallow and Jiunta talk about treating low back pain by looking at biomechanics, function, and psychology. They both express their irritation towards so-called strength coaches who use their bias and influence to promote outdated practices. This makes it important for real coaches to step up and challenge those people spreading misinformation.

This episode gives a powerful call to action for leaders who have the experience and desire to help others to get out there. If you want to level up your exercise programming, don't forget to subscribe and tune in to RX'D Radio!

What We Discussed In This Episode

  • The good and bad side of social media
  • The difference between impact and influence over people
  • People’s obsession with getting followers
  • Outdated dogma promoted on social media
  • The right way of treating low back pain
  • Looking at injuries by addressing biomechanics and psychology
  • Exercise and overcoming the fear of pain
  • Dysfunction and injury
  • Intervention based on knowing the anatomy and biomechanics
  • The end goal of helping people versus getting credit
  • Leadership as trusting your experience and fighting against misinformation
  • The value of a perspective based on experience

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