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Aug 20, 2019

This episode of RX'D RADIO is brought to you by, Pre-script offers the most comprehensive exercise programming available. Each workout has specific, video-guided warm-ups delivered through an easy to use app. To improve mobility, stability and strength head over to .

In this episode RX’D Radio Jordan sits down with Kyle Traynor, Kyle is the owner of Elite Vitality, a unique turnkey solution for personal trainers. Which offers them the working knowledge of exercise science through an exclusive panel of experts, as well as the business and mindset coaching that is required to set up systems for success. 

Kyle offers a unique perspective on human interaction that helps those in though times endure but also prepare those for the success that's coming when they start to live true and meaningful lives. Kyle has had a massive impact on his community, changing the lives of everyone he works with.

Be sure to check out kyle @elitevitalitymastery

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