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Jul 26, 2019

This episode of RX'D RADIO is brought to you by , Pre-Script offers cerebral exercise programming for athletes of all disciplines, centered around our core tenants of mobility-stability-strength. Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting and Hypertrophy style programming available under one membership.

In this very special episode of RX'D RADIO, Jordan sits down with great friend and colleague Dr. Trevor Dandridge. A Chiropractor based out of Calgary, Alberta and one of the most accomplished new graduates into the field. 

Trevor shares great stories of the early days in clinical practice and the hard but fulfilling journey of chasing his passion and being represented on the world stage by athletes who entrusted their health and performance into his capable hands. An awesome story of what it's like in the trenches and how to navigate the manual therapy world with dignity and integrity. I cannot say enough good things about "Dandy" as a person or as a clinician. Top Shelf.

Be sure to follow Trevor on Instagram @tjdandy