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Jul 8, 2020

This week Jordan Jiunta is joined by Kevin Doherty for a brief but insightful look into Kevin’s development as an exceptional weightlifting coach for youth athletes. Kevin is the owner of Hassle Free Barbell Club in San Francisco California and works as the Head Weightlifting Coach at Lincoln High School.


Kevin walks us through his life as an athlete and the development of his career as a teacher and coach to youth weightlifters. As a 21 year old geometry teacher, Kevin discovered weightlifting for his own athletic interest through his colleagues in the teaching community. After years of training and competing as an athlete himself, he began coaching youth football athletes at Lincoln High School. This launched an array of opportunities as he went on to produce multiple world-level youth weightlifting competitors and highly successful football and track and field athletes. Kevin continues to enjoy coaching weightlifting as both a main sport and addition to strength training programs for high school athletes, he also briefly discusses how he has had to adapt his processes in order to continue to provide quality coaching during Covid-19.


Kevin’s Media:

Hassle Free BBC Instagram: @hasslefreebbc


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