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May 12, 2021

Today we welcome back Muscle Bill to RX’D Radio to sit down with Killian Hamilton and Jordan Shallow. Former powerlifter and ongoing iron enthusiast, Muscle Bill has faced a very unique set of health challenges throughout his life that have helped him to develop a unique perspective on the world around him. Bill uses these perspectives as a catalyst for change, helping to coach and mentor others towards success in their own personal goals.


Bill tells us some intimate stories of his near-death experiences and how he has managed to process and cope with the challenges he has faced. The team discusses what it means to identify with an illness, and Bill highlights how this may differ between someone who has grown up with a condition versus an individual who has been diagnosed at a later stage in life. They talk about the experiences that help to calibrate one's perception of hardship, and they  reflect on their individual capacities for empathy. Muscle Bill provides his advice for those dealing with physical or mental challenges as well as insight into conversation as a powerful tool to impart change.


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