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Nov 25, 2020

This week, Dr. Shallow is back with another Canadian guest, Brandon Steinke. Brandon is an Eleiko Strength Coach based out of Edmonton Alberta. He owns Seasoned Athletics Coaching, and co-owns Mission Strength. Brandon specializes in breathing mechanics, and he takes us on a deep dive into his realm of expertise.


Brandon is one of ten Breathing Coaches in Canada, and today he clarifies the most common misconceptions about the most ubiquitous human thing, breathing. Brandon breaks down the biomechanics of breathing and explains why proper assessment is so imperative for success in lifting. He talks about how oxygen and carbon dioxide are processed during exercise, and how CO2 accumulation can be used to improve efficiency in performance. He discusses what healthy breathing mechanics are and the method he uses to score them. Other topics in this discussion include the biological process of lactic acid buildup and the best ways to buffer and train lactate thresholds, and how to use breathing to drive the parasympathetic state. This episode is an education on how to use the breath to obtain next-level training goals. Don’t miss it!

Brandons’s Media:

IG: @coach_brandino




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