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Nov 18, 2020

This week we welcome Canadian Bodybuilding guru Ben Pakulski back to Rx’D Radio to sit down with his fellow Canadians, Dr. Jordan Shallow and Killian Hamilton. Unquestionably one of the greatest minds in bodybuilding training, Ben is an IFBB Pro with a long list of accomplishments, including appearances at The Olympia and multiple national titles. Ben is the CEO of Muscle Intelligence and owns Mi40, a gym in Tampa, Florida. He is an accomplished businessman, coach, speaker and lives his life with awareness and virtue, like few others are able.


    Today Team Canada gets into the weeds about the origins of Ben Pakulski, and what built him into the cognizant athlete he is today. We discuss his highest values and explore the personal growth he experienced during his time in the bodybuilding world. Ben tells us how his mentality behind training evolved to serve him better and ultimately lead to his successes in the sport, with his family and with his business. The boys discuss the importance of awareness, as well as the necessity of facing obstacles to uncover personal strengths and develop a better sense of virtue. Killian and Ben discuss their personal practices to calibrate themselves on a daily basis, and the trio discuss training as a form of meditation and a tool to instill discipline and “peace from mind”. Killian recounts living in the airport, Ben discusses calibrating perspective in himself and in his children, and the team discusses how bliss can only truly be experienced by also having a deep experience of pain -- this is a conversation you will not want to miss!


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