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Nov 4, 2020

This week Dr. Jordan Jiunta welcomes Trevor Kimm to the podcast. Trevor is a Doctor of Chiropractic student at Logan University, and a fellow competitive weightlifter. An American Open Finals Champion and Team USA member, Trevor has represented his country on the international stage, on multiple occasions.


    Trevor discusses both his uncommon transition into Olympic weightlifting from collegiate baseball as well as what brought him to study chiropractic. He walks us through his experiences preparing for international competition and the main hurdles he has faced along the way, touching on previous disc injuries as well as competing in Rome during the outbreak of COVID19. The boys talk about goal-setting for US nationals, previous weight cuts for competition, and the physical and psychological hurdles of gaining weight to move up in weight class. To wrap up, Trevor provides us with a bit of insight into what his vegetarian diet looks like now and how he makes sure he is fueling properly for performance on the platform.


Trevor’s Media:

IG: @tkimm10


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