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Sep 9, 2020

Jiunta and Shallow return this week to tackle the topic of goal setting as well as bring a uniquely interactive request to the audience. Starting off with a few thoughts on the strange times of COVID19, the boys jump into some podcast ranking experimentation with the listeners! Shallow requests your participation as he attempts to better understand how to hack the Itunes podcast rankings, comically auditing RX’D Radio reviews along the way. The duo then venture deep into what it really means to set and achieve a goal. 


From the unwillingness to do the front-end work or reflect on failures, the question is posed as to whether or not the “goals” that an individual sets out to achieve are really his or her own. The Jordans walk us through barriers that they have faced in their own lives, daily habits they have changed to build a lifestyle for success, as well as some of Jiunta’s personal habits that keep his tunnel vision sharpened towards his goals today. We are reminded that working hard does not guarantee success, but that working with a plan is of the utmost importance. In a society so engulfed in social pressures, Jiunta highlights that your reactions to failure will always reveal your true intentions. Most importantly, Shallow reminds us that when it comes to failure - YOU are the only one standing between yourself and the success of the goals that you set out to achieve. 


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