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Jul 29, 2020

Today, RX’D Radio is honored to welcome Mark Coles to the podcast to discuss his career in business coaching for fitness professionals. Mark is an impressively qualified business coach, personal trainer, body builder and owner of M10 Gym in Nottingham, UK. Mark coaches budding fitness professionals with the intention of spreading passion across and creating impact within the industry.


The conversation begins with the problem that Mark sees as the most common amongst his clients: new trainers tend to over-exaggerate both the successes of those around them as well as those of the mentors to whom they compare themselves. The effect of social media on the growth of the industry is highlighted and leads Mark to discuss the importance of defining an individual’s personal identity, passions, and goals for business and life in order to drive his or her success. Mark walks us through the “aha” moment in his career that changed his perspective to focus on creating impact within the industry, and he tells us the steps he took to get there. The duo discusses the critical importance of sticking to your passions, putting in the work, and surmounting the inevitable self doubt one will face in order to build a business that will never leave you worried about money in the morning. Turn it up!


Mark’s Media

Instagram: @markcolesm10

M10 Gym: @m10_gym


Mastery Podcast: On iTunes

Published Book: Level Up


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